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Retro Paperback Covers (Non Penguin)#2

Hello, pals. I thought I’d shake things up a bit this week and share ten more non-Penguin retro paperback covers. Don’t worry, the Penguins will return next week, but it’s nice to have a change every now and then. Please enjoy. All previous retro paperback entries can be found here. Have a great weekend.

Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin

Clutch of Constables by Ngaio Marsh (printed crooked, not scanned that way)

Lovey Childs by John O’Hara

Off With His Head by Ngaio Marsh

So You Think I Did It by Geoffrey Chandler

St. Luke’s Little Summer by Bess Norton

Strange Bedfellows by Thomas N. Scortia

The Cold Jungle by Gavin Black

Tobin in Las Vegas by Stanley Morgan

Tobin Takes Off by Stanley Morgan

Matthew Revert

Retro Penguin Paperback Covers #19

It’s amazing how fast the weekly retro Penguin post comes along. I’m starting to miss my blog (finally) and am going to begin the process of breathing life back into it. I’ve encountered too much incredible stuff lately for me to not talk about it. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s post and have a brilliant weekend. All other entries in this series can be found here.

A Case of Conscience by James Blish

Go Down, Moses by William Faulkner

Let’s Look at the Figures: A Quantitative Approach to Human Affairs by D. J. Bartholomew and E. E. Bassett

Memory: Facts and Falacies by Ian M. L. Hunter

Mission of Gravity by Hal Clement

One Fat Englishman by Kingsley Amis

The Acupuncture Murders by Dwight Steward

The Arena by William Haggard

The Waste Makers by Vance Packard

Water: In the Service of Man by H. R. Vallentine

– Matthew Revert

Retro Penguin Paperback Covers #18

It is with excrutiating back pain that I deliver this week’s collection of Penguins, so I’m going to say even less than usual. Just enjoy and have a great weekend! Previous entries are here.

Clochemerle by Gabriel Chevallier

Fandango Rock by John Masters

Jerusalem the Golden by Margaret Drabble

Monkey Planet by Pierre Boulle

Sleepwalkers by David Karp

The Devil in Velvet by John Dickson Carr

The Living Brain by W. Grey Walter

The Science of Animal Behaviour by P. L. Broadhurst

Toward a New Psychology of Women by Jean Baker Miller

Vertical and Horizontal by Lillian Ross

– Matthew Revert

Retro Penguin Paperback Covers #17

I’m back after my hiatus with the next batch of retro Penguin paperbacks. This batch strikes me as a particularly good one, but maybe I’m just feeling the effects of their prolonged absence. In any event, please enjoy the latest selection, scanned at 300dpi. All other entries in this series can be found here. Have an amazing weekend and drink some gravy for me.

Conjure Wife (design by Franco Grignani)

Deathworld by Harry Harrison (cover shows detail from Pavel Tchelitchev’s ‘Citron’)

Human Guinea Pigs: Experimentation on Man by M. H. Pappworth (design by Susan Phelps)

Parkinson’s Law: or The Pursuit of Progress by C. Northcote Parkinson (design by Osbert Lancaster and Leif Frimann Anisdahl)

Psychical Research Today by D. J. West (design by John Sewell)

The Absence of a Cello (design uncredited)

The Merry Hippo by Elspeth Huxley (design by John Sewell)

The Origins and Growth of Biology Edited by Arthur Rook (design by Germano Facetti)

The Psychology of Communication: 7 Essays by George A. Miller (design by Ian McLaren)

The Wort Papers by peter Mathers (design by Jack Larkin)

– Matthew Revert



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