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Retro Penguin Paperback Covers #26

From the bowels of illness, I have coughed up ten more retro Penguins. A fantastic week in many ways except the ol’ health situation, which has all but wiped me out. It is a testament to my sense of redundancy that I forged ahead with this week’s covers. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you have a significant weekend. All other entries can be foundĀ here.

1066 And All That by W.c. Sellar and R.J. Yeatman (illustration by John Reynolds)

An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth by Betrand Russell (design by Toni del Renzio)

Ancient Education and Today by E.B. Castle (design by Erwin Fabian)

Leave Me Alone by David Karp (design by Giannetto Coppola)

Man and the Vertebrates: 1 by A.S. Romer (design by Colin Forbes)

Men Who Play God: The Story of the Hydrogen Bomb by Norman Moss (design by David Nutter)

The Affair by C.P. Snow (drawing by Philippe Jullian)

The Eye of the Needle by Thomas Walsh (design by Alan Aldridge)

The Politics of Experience & The Bird of Paradise by R.D. Laing (design by Alan Aldridge)

The Theory of Evolution by John Maynard Smith (design by Alan Fletcher)

Matthew Revert

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