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How to Avoid Sex – Now Available

My latest book, ‘How to Avoid Sex’ has just been released and I thought it appropriate to inform people of this. My promotional effort probably won’t extend beyond this blogpost, because I’m very very tired. Here is the description:

The scourge of sex continues to degrade us, undermining the superior moral fibre of which we are capable. It seems one can’t leave the house without falling prey to orgy gangs or pornographic film shoots. Rather than admonishing prurient genital tendencies, we make a sport of celebrating them. There is a mistaken belief that sexuality is a natural part of the human condition. This fallacy has plunged us into damp-crotched darkness.

This is the story of a superior man unwilling to bend to the will of society’s sex addiction. This is a document detailing the lengths some of us will go to avoid sex, and why sometimes it’s not as easy as one assumes.

Pretty vague description, huh? I really want those who read it to be surprised, so I’m seeing how this ambiguous description fares. If it doesn’t fair well, I doubt I’ll petition for it to be changed. Like I said, very very tired. This book is my third and represents the end of a certain style. I call my first three books ‘The Obfuscation Trilogy’, but a more entertaining name might be ‘The Toilet Trilogy’. Both are apt and support the other.

I also made a trailer, which I just realised I forgot to make ‘public’. The trailer is here:

If you’re interested in purchasing this mysterious book, you can do so here, or by clicking on the cover’s thumbnail to your left. Thank you to those who already have and those who plan to.

Matthew Revert

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