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Although the following biography is written in the third person, I am ashamed to admit I wrote it myself. I’m trying to instill a sense of distance that, I assume, will only add to my validity.

me with pens

Matthew Revert is an author of disturbing nonsense. His writing explores the absurdity of everyday life and the hopelessness of being human. Themes of sexual failure, body horror, destructive relationships and gender identity often play a roll in his work. This is intermingled with a thread of dark tragicomedy. He’s basically a filth-monger with heart.

His first book, A Million Versions of Right, was released in 2009 by LegumeMan and earned a Wonderland Book award nomination. It has garnered a strong following amongst the mustard set and has received praise for its width. In 2010, stories from A Million Versions of Right (as well as new work) appeared in the Bizarro Starter Kit (purple).

His second book, The Tumours Made Me Interesting, was released in November 2011 and has been receiving mega hype.

Matthew resides in Melbourne, Australia, which makes him Australian. Outside of writing, he works as a graphic designer and spends time recording music under a variety of aliases. He is also in charge of the Spontaneous Vox Pop Society, having just completed a successful season of trouser-related questions.

If you would like to know more about Matthew Revert, contact your local civic centre for a guided tour.


9 Responses

  1. Does your security guard know you still have that box full of pens?

  2. Ha! Caught you, you office thief!

  3. Bizarro Central told me to follow you. I don’t always do everything it tells me, only what to have for breakfast and when I should blink

  4. Have you become an institution yet? I am so out of the loop, I need to ask this question.

    • i certainly wouldn’t say… not if my web traffic is anything to go by. although my hits to the blog are relatively low at this stage, i’m very encouraged to see so many people responding to posts.

  5. Nice site. I like those sci-fi covers. I remember a whole series of paperbacks about World War II topics, particularly aviation, and I’d love to read some again (and get my son to read them) but I’m not finding much on the web yet. Do you know anything about this? Probably late 70’s/early 80’s.


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