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Stephen Cornford – Pinched Tapes #1


A very limited edition tape of 6 that was self-released especially for ArtEx Sonora back in 2009.

“The music on the tape was pinched from two found cassettes: a copy of John Cage’s String Quartets and a story tape of Jack and the Beanstalk. The tapes were hand-looped and played back on three cassette players simultaneously to produce this recording. No effort was made to normalise, equalise or otherwise clean up this digital recording before copying it back to tape.”

King Dude

I’ve become smitten by King Dude’s latest album. I’ve been returning to these two tracks more than is healthy. This YouTube comment (surprisingly) sums it up perfectly: “Swans meets Johnny Cash in a reverb-filled tank”.

The new album, ‘Burning Daylight’, out now on Dais Records. You can hear everything over at King Dude’s bandcamp page.

Matthew Revert

Raoul Coutard on Cinemascope and Contempt

Jean-Luc Godard’s cinematographer, Raoul Coutard discusses using Cinemascope to film the classic, ‘Contempt’.

Matthew Revert

Just because…

…Rohmer is one of the absolute greatest.

How to Avoid Sex – Now Available

My latest book, ‘How to Avoid Sex’ has just been released and I thought it appropriate to inform people of this. My promotional effort probably won’t extend beyond this blogpost, because I’m very very tired. Here is the description:

The scourge of sex continues to degrade us, undermining the superior moral fibre of which we are capable. It seems one can’t leave the house without falling prey to orgy gangs or pornographic film shoots. Rather than admonishing prurient genital tendencies, we make a sport of celebrating them. There is a mistaken belief that sexuality is a natural part of the human condition. This fallacy has plunged us into damp-crotched darkness.

This is the story of a superior man unwilling to bend to the will of society’s sex addiction. This is a document detailing the lengths some of us will go to avoid sex, and why sometimes it’s not as easy as one assumes.

Pretty vague description, huh? I really want those who read it to be surprised, so I’m seeing how this ambiguous description fares. If it doesn’t fair well, I doubt I’ll petition for it to be changed. Like I said, very very tired. This book is my third and represents the end of a certain style. I call my first three books ‘The Obfuscation Trilogy’, but a more entertaining name might be ‘The Toilet Trilogy’. Both are apt and support the other.

I also made a trailer, which I just realised I forgot to make ‘public’. The trailer is here:

If you’re interested in purchasing this mysterious book, you can do so here, or by clicking on the cover’s thumbnail to your left. Thank you to those who already have and those who plan to.

Matthew Revert

Lejaren Hiller – Portfolio

Thank you mailman! I actually forgot I ordered this, so it’s arrival was a genuine surprise. This is the ‘A Total Matrix of Possibilities’ CD that New World Records put out in 2008.

Please enjoy ‘A Portfolio for Diverse Performers and Tape (1974) in its entirety.

Matthew Revert

Keith Rowe’s Performance at Lampo

Here is Keith Rowe‘s recent performance at Lampo in full. An absolute joy to watch, so I figured I’d break this blog’s drought by sharing it. It’s rare to get such an intimate glimpse at the mechanizations at the heart of a Rowe performance (at least for me). The concentration is enough to exhaust. The constancy of the decision making process is apparent during every second of the performance. Enjoy!


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